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    Tips to avoid deer/car collisions

In Michigan alone, there has been a 57.7 percent rise from 42,494 vehicle-deer crashes in 1992 to 66,993 in 2001. Each year there are approximately 1.5 million Deer/Auto collisions (DVC) resulting in over 300 deaths and 30,000 of injuries.  Deer/Auto collisions cause the auto insurance industry about $2,000 per claim.

With 25 million deer in the US, the National Safety Council recommends those defensive driving tips to avoid hitting a deer:

  •  Be vigilant in early morning ands evening hours, the most active time for deer.
  • Use your high beam headlights, which reflect in the deer’s eyes to see the deer better.
  • Slow down and blow your horn with one long blast to frighten the deer away
  • Brake firmly when you notice a deer in or near your path. Do not swerve. It can confuse the deer as to where to run. IT can also cause you to lose control and hit a tree or another car.
  • Be alert and drive with caution when you are moving through a deer crossing zone.
  • Always wear your seatbelt, most people injured in deer/car crashes were not wearing their seatbelts
  • Look for other deer after one has crossed the road. Deer seldom run alone.
  • These are recommendations from the National Safety Council.

Sav-A-life recommends:

Be prepared for the road and arm yourself with the best passive form of protection: The original patented SAV-A-LIFE Deer Alert.




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