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MAY 01 2003

The Wall Street Journal, NY, "What's News": "Avoiding collisions with deer and other animals is easier if tiny wind-operated whistles are mounted on automobile bumpers, says Sav-A-Life, a small New York Company. It offers such whistles, inaudible to humans at $24.95 a pair. The takers to date include Southwestern Bell, K Mart and Super Value Corp for their corporate fleets"

Senator Zimmerman of the Delaware State Senate sponsored a bill to have each state owned motor vehicle equipped with an animal warning device capable of emitting an ultrasonic signal of at least 16,000 hertz.

Outdoor, News review, MI: "Wildlife and people saver": "some states like Delaware have made the SAV-A-LIFE device mandatory on state owned vehicles".

USA Today, "A thing of beauty but a threat on the road, "You can be going down a road and the deer might be out in a field a 100 to 200 feet away and they'll turn and run the other way rather than cross the road" says DeKalb highway superintendent Jim Patton about their positive experience with the Sav-A-Life Deer Alerts installed on their vehicles.

USA Today, "Cops whistle at Kansas deer" Capt Armstrong said of the installation of the Sav-a-Life deer whistles: "We are interested in reducing accidents and damage to our patrol cars by striking deer at night, and naturally we are interested in saving the lives of those deer too".

Mutual Insurance Bulletin: "Animal warning device prevents deer/auto accidents". They quote Carl Stoecker, a mechanic for the Iowa State Patrol as reported in a newspaper interview: he observed fewer cars out of commission due to collisions with animals, particularly deer, after installing their SAV-A-LIFE devices. "They have proven effective for us, and we do have a lot of damage to our cars….Officers say they have seen the deer stop for them, but sometimes when they go by, another car will come along and hit the animal..." The bulletin also quotes an article in the leader Telegram in Wisconsin where a spokesman for the sheriff's department said: "our officers' opinions of the devices have been favorable and the majority of our officers have indicated a desire to install them on their personal vehicles." The bulletin adds: "Business and governmental purchasers of SAV-A-LIFE are finding that in addition to preventing accidents, community and employee relations are also enhanced" Leader Telegram, Eau Claire, WI: Tests show tiny device scares off deer: The device was invented in Austria in 1979 and introduced in the US in 1981. The business claims the device to be 80 percent effective. But says Oldham, traffic coordinator of the Clark county sheriff department, "that figure is low, they could say 95 percent or so, because about the only way it could not work was if you got a bug or something stuck in it! Other than that I think it is totally effective. Any of my guys that have these on their cars will tell you these things are effective in preventing car deer accidents".

Chronicle, field test. "Sav-a-Life Warning devices really do work": Jeff Wood, staff writer: I installed the Sav-a- Life units on my car just prior to talking an 1800 mile round trip last spring: If ever I was to have a close encounter with a deer, it would have been then. During the trip we saw deer, and it was obvious they were aware of the odd noise being put out by the Sav-a-Life units.

Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area "Deer Alert device helps prevent accidents". "The animal warning Devices were installed 3 months ago and we haven't had an accident yet", said Patrol Chief Leon Williams.

The Wichita Eagle Beacon: "Highway Patrol whistles frightened deer off road" Trooper Maple of the planning and programs division said the whistles appear to be working.

South Western Bell Scene, Arkansas: "Austrian Whistle stops deer from crossing". Southwestern Bell "CR Team makes deer country safer: Ultrasonic whistles reduce collisions with deer" the devices have worked for South Western Bell in southern Arkansas, a heavily wooded region where drivers were hitting a deer every 3 weeks. Since putting the devices on their truck, no deer have been hit said Jack Drake.

California Siskiyou News: "the Sav-a-Life Deer alert is currently being used by the California Highway Patrol, Oregon State Police, Iowa State Police as well as other California agencies and is reported to reduce animal / vehicle collisions buy as much as 80%.

Second section California Highway Patrol, Mount Shasta, CA: In rural areas, the California Highway Patrol began mounting "Sav-A-life deer devices on its Patrol cars. Officer Jordan said that they .got their… "Sav-A-Lifes from headquarters in Sacramento… we feel that the money saved on damages to Patrol cars easily outweighs the price of the deer devices"

Glenwood Spring Post, Colorado: Kim Barz said: "I have been running all over the State with them for the past few weeks, I have seen no deer on the roadside ….since installing the Sav-A-Lifes".

The Sylvester, GA, "Deer alert prevents accidents". Says Patrol chief Williams: "the animal warning devices were installed 3 months ago and we haven't had an accident yet … In the same period last year, there were seven animal related auto accidents reported"




Kansas Morning Sun: Kansas Highway Patrol seeks to pare car-deer wrecks with new whistles. … "the patrol once averaged five car-deer accidents a year, with a high of 13 accidents in a single 12 months period " we installed a few of the devices on our patrol cars and eventually decided to put them on all of our cars" … "We feel like it's been successful, and we are continuing to use them.

The Jackson Citizen Patriot, "Deer alerts may cut accidents": "to buck the car-deer accident trend, the Blackman Township Public Safety Department has attached ultrasonic devices designed to frighten deer away from its vehicles. Director Southworth said "collisions with deer have cost thousands of dollars to repair…we have $500 deductible, and if we save one accident it will more than pay for the cost."

Michigan out of doors: Now comes a simple little gadget that just might make an appreciable difference in the volume of these collisions here in Michigan and throughout the nation ...SAV-A-LIFE.

Capital news service, Lansing Mi, "Whistle while you drive and may be miss a deer" "Meanwhile Meijer, Inc which has the largest truck fleet in the state, reports the innovation is paying off for them. Company officials said its usual 30 to 35 percent deer-related accidents have been reduced by 80% since they began using the …Sav-A-Life deer warning device a few years ago." The Supervalu Corporation in Minnesota, which averaged 30 to 40 animal collisions a year with its fleet, described the "Deer Alert" by Sav-A-Life as the most unique new product at the 1983 National Safety Congress. Over a 2 year period, the cost of these accidents approached $200,000. And they state this did not even take into consideration the disruption these accidents inflicted to their operation. They tried our Deer Alerts, this is what they wrote:

Supervalu Stores, Corporate Risk Management publication, MN: "Warning device eliminates animal collisions": 'the Deer Alert device….has been in use for a number of years in Europe. In fact, a copy of a scientific study that was performed in Austria was included in the literature and indicated the date of 1981. The test evidenced clear cut reactions from all animals except cattle, sheep and camel.

Rochester Democrat and Chronicle: "Deer steering clear of cars with bumpers that whistle, Livingston deputies say: Maj. Mann of the Livingston County Sheriff Dept: The department has been using the device for the last year and has had some success: from what I've seen, they are doing a helluva good job", he said.

Telegraph city , NB "Patrol mounts new siren": "Nebraska State Patrol cars in the panhandle and elsewhere are now sporting a new defense against errant venison-on -the-roof: Sav-A Life Deer Alert, animal warning devices have been attached to all marked units in the panhandle, according to Lt Uehling.

New Jersey. Ultrasonic sound protects car from Deer: Edward Barsum, a chemist from Holland Township says: "It is very cheap insurance; the cost of the unit is nowhere near that if you had an accident. It also brings in a safety factor that could save lives". "Cops cars now warn deer in Warren", says Chief Kane "we thought for the price it was worth a try, so far it seems to do the trick."

The private Carrier, spotlight, "accessory eliminates animal collision": "K Mart Corp is testing the device. I think it is an excellent device said Don Holleran, manager of private carriage, who said he would recommend equipping his entire fleet with the device. "He explained that "in one year, the K-mart fleet had 19 accidents involving deer, but since the Sav-A-Life Deer alerts have been installed, my test fleet has not hit anything,  not even a dog!"

Wisconsin Natural Resources: "Car deer collisions". "So far most methods have turned out to be either too expensive or not effective enough to make a significant difference. … Recent research on a new gadget offers hope. Developed in Austria, the devices have been extensively tested there and in Finland.

Herald Times reporter, Manitowoc WI: "Deer Whistles are very effective". "Most large trucking companies have installed these devices on their trucks, and most police departments and traffic police also have them now, which should prove their effectiveness"

Fall season danger: Deer on the roadway: Maynard Stoehr, the Wisconsin dept of transportation highway safety coordinator offers some techniques that may help you avoid a dangerous collision with the white tail: Stoehr said motorists might want to consider purchasing a deer alert warning device …that emits ultrasonic signals freezing the animals in their tracks and preventing them from darting out in front of the approaching vehicle."

The Evansville Press, IN "Deer warning device designed to save lives". Evansville Lewis Bakeries' Vice President said after a year of using the deer alerts on their vehicles, they hit only one deer, but the device was broken.

The Trail Gazette, Co: "Whistles can lessen road kills"

 Journal and Courrier, Lafayette, IN, "SAV-A-LIFE prevents deer hunting with auto.

PS: These are just a few of the unsolicited write ups our SAV-A-LIFE Deer Alert has received  over the years. 




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