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What are the SAV-A-LIFE Deer alerts®?

               The SAV-A-LIFE Deer Alerts® are ultrasonic wind activated whistles to deter deer from the roadways and therefore help reduce the incidence of deer-vehicle crashes.

Who needs a SAV-A-LIFE Deer Alert®?

              Anyone who drives a car, motorcycle, truck - any motor vehicle. An animal darting out onto the road is a real hazard!  SAV-A-LIFE makes driving a pleasure by lessening the potential hazard roaming animals present, particularly at night!

How does the SAV-A-LIFE Deer Alert® work?

The SAV-A-LIFE Deer Alert emits ultrasonic sound waves from 16,000 to 20,000 Hertz which safely warn most types of animals of approaching vehicles.

Will passengers and animals in the vehicle be bothered by them?

             No, passengers and your animals in the vehicles will not hear a thing!

How is the ultrasonic signal activated?

The SAV-A-LIFE Deer Alert® is wind activated. Once you drive at 30mph the warning signal starts working and alerts animals up to ¼ mile away.

Is installation easy?

Yes, no tools are required. You just remove the adhesive tape from the base of the units and affix them onto your bumper (see installation instructions)

How far apart do they need to be installed?

6 to 8 inches (for a motorbike) and as far as the edges of the bumper of your vehicle. (see installation instructions)

Why Do I need 2 units :

Because it is a  dual frequency safety device,  BOTH units must be used to achieve proper ultrasonic signal (16,000 to 20,000 Hertz).

Why are the SAV-A-LIFE Deer Alerts adjustable?

The SAV-A-LIFE Deer Alerts must be level to the ground otherwise they cannot be activated  by the wind, therefore they need to be adjusted according to the inclination of your  bumper

How do I adjust the SAV-A-LIFE Deer Alert?

See Installation instructions

What if I lose my Deer Alert key? 

       Additional keys are available for a minimal fee by calling customer service at (212) 926-4340.

Can I move the unit to another car?

We recommend you change your units if you change your vehicle after 3 years. Just like your car, the SAV-A-LIFE Deer Alerts are also subjected to wear and tear. But if you wish to keep them, use an adhesive solvent to remove them safely from the bumper, then replace the adhesive with double adhesive tape (available at your hardware store).  SAV-A-LIFE does not sell additional bases.

Why do SAV-A-LIFE Deer Alerts cost more than other brands.

The SAV-A-LIFE Deer Alert is the original, patented, tested, and trusted Deer Alert that started the industry over 20 years ago. Made of quality materials, the SAV-A-LIFE Deer Alert is a quality product engineered for your safety and that of your loved ones. Trust only the best, because we stand behind our product! A small investment that can save a fortune, and possibly save your life!

Do SAV-A-LIFE Deer Alerts really work?

Yes, they have been extensively tested with animals in Finland and in laboratories in Austria and found to be over 80% effective. In the US, hundreds of thousands of units are being used by individuals and fleets alike.

We thank you for your trust, and the animals do too!


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