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Your SAV-A-LIFE Deer Alert/ animal warning device is made of 2 units that look identical on the outside, however, one of the units has a plug in the rear chamber. Both units will be mounted on the front bumper of your vehicle as shown ( diagram D).

The unit with the plug should be mounted on the passenger side of the vehicle. Both units must be used to achieve proper ultrasonic signal. The units come with a small plastic key (see diagram A), which when inserted into the slot at the base of each unit, allows it to be removed quickly by sliding it forward from the base. Units must be removed from the base if adjustment on bumper is necessary.


Adjusting Units For Slanted Bumpers; Units must be level to roadway for direct airflow and to achieve proper ultrasonic signal. Place head of key or dime into the slot beneath the unit (see diagram B). This will allow you to adjust the slope of the unit (see diagram C). Place each unit on the bumper of your vehicle to adjust angle of slope.
After finding the right slope, remove dime or key and slide unit back onto base of unit until a "click" is heard. Make sure imprinted word "FRONT" faces forward. After adjustment has been performed for both units, you are now able to mount them on your vehicle by removing the protective film from the adhesive tape on base.
Using rubbing alcohol, clean surface where units will be mounted, let dry, then mount. Units will not adhere to an extremely cold surface. For extra security, use double epoxy glue and/or a #4 tapping screw (1/2 x 4) - available at your hardware store, for a stronger hold.

Installing Deer Alerts on Your motorbike: You will need both units. Best places to mount them are : On the reflectors or on the ferring, or end of the windjammer on each side of the bike, closest to the rider.

Maintenance: Inspect the units often for obstructions and clean with air from air dryer or water from hose. Units will not function properly when obstructed by snow, dirt, freezing rain, mud or insects.

Your Deer Alerts at work: The warning signal starts working at 30 miles per hour and alerts animals up to 400 yards away from your vehicle. Sometimes deer may continue to graze when you approach. Many times you will notice the deer's eyes and ears turned in the direction of your vehicle. This indicates that the Deer Alert is working. Generally, deer will not panic or stampede if they are not threatened. At night deer will hear the signal emitted by your Deer Alert before they see your headlights. Other animals may disperse. The aerodynamics of every make and model vehicle is different. If you notice no reaction from animals when you pass by, move the units to a location where they will get more direct wind flow.


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