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  • Your Doze-Alert comes in a box with a self adhesive backing for safe storage and easy accessibility .Just stick it on your dashboard.
  • Always leave Doze-Alert with battery compartment half open so that the battery does not get activated when not in use.
  • Battery compartment on top of unit.
  • When using the unit, push battery compartment down and test by tilting unit forward to ensure proper operation before wearing as shown on bottom picture.
  • When storing the unit in its box, leave compartment half open with battery showing to avoid running the battery down.

  • This lever in the back of the unit helps you select the exact angle at which you want the buzzer to be triggered! 18 pre selected settings to choose from! Move it up or down with down being less sensitive to the inclination of your head. The higher the lever, the more sensitive to head movement!
  • Notice the closed battery compartment. That 's the way to put the unit over your ear before driving away safely.
  • Your SAV-A-LIFE Doze Alert fits snuggly behind your ear.
  • Weighs only 2 ounces, perfectly comfortable
  • Can be worn with or without glasses.
  • Adjustable, 18 pre-selected settings.
  • Comes with an easily replaceable lithium battery
  • You can replace battery with model number: AG5, RW28 or SR48
  • Replacement batteries available from SAV-A-LIFE's customer service. (800) 654-3337

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