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DAYTIME RUNNING LIGHTS, reduce the incidence of frontal car crashes by up to 38%. Research shows that without your headlights on during the daytime, your vehicle is visible at a distance of only 2200 ft, but with headlights on, you can be seen as far as 4700 ft away, that’s more than double the distance; much more time for the oncoming driver to see your vehicle and make the driving decision that might save your life!


Fleet owners and managers all over the country choose D.R.Ls. because it is much easier to implement a lights on policy if turning your lights on is AUTOMATIC. With D.R.Ls, there is nothing to remember, nothing to forget.

A whole fleet equipped with DRLs experiences less acci­dents therefore less down­time and liability. The evi­dence from Canada, Norway and Sweden is there to prove it!

Also with DRL’S, compliance with the law in some states where the lights must be ON in bad weather conditions is also guaranteed!



  • Are the latest automotive safety feature available in the US
  • Turn your vehicle’s headlights on as soon as you start your engine 
  • Turn your lights off when you turn off your engine
  • Make your vehicle and its occupants more visible on the road, hence safer
  • Fits all vehicles, from 4 to 18 wheelers, positive and negative ground
  • Approved by NHTSA and the insurance industry
  • Are to be made standard equipment on all vehicles in the coming years

Remember, as much as you may think that you are safe because you are in control of your vehicle, you know nothing about the oncoming driver’s state of alertness. So don’t drive without D.R.Ls., it is unsafe!

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It’s a bright idea that can save your life!



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