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The only Animal Warning Device Field Tested With Animals. Our Deer-Alert was found to be over 80% effective on deer, bears, elks, and skunks
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome  is responsible for 100,000 crashes a year
Daytime Running Lights: When it comes to being on the road, VISIBILITY means SAFETY!
Member of NSC - National Safety Council


Whitetail Deer Will Bambi be safe?
...all you need to know about Bambi...
The animal that claims far more lives in the US is one that many people urge their kids to walk up and touch at the petting zoo... Yes Bambi! Special Report
Animal enemies: Myth vs. reality....
Each year there are approximately 1.5 million deer vehicle crashes or DVCs, which kill 300 and injure 30,000 drivers a year Tips
to avoid deer/ car collisions..
Doze-Alert can help save your life by letting you know that you are dozing off! Tips
to avoid falling asleep at the wheel....


We make our
roads safer



November is the start of deer mating season, and the month when we drivers are more vulnerable to DVCs, deer vehicle crashes.
The latest insurance industry-funded report released Nov 04th 2003 shows that some 150 people die each year in more than 1.5 million traffic accidents involving collisions with deer. The economic damage is estimated at $1.1 billion.
The study also mentions that high-pitched deer whistles show mixed results, let us explain why in our opinion:
Because when it comes to deer whistles:

  • There is the SAV-A-LIFE Deer Alert, the original, patented, tested ultrasonic dual frequency deer-vehicle crash avoidance system invented in Austria, field tested in Finland on deer and wildlife, and introduced to the world by SAV-A-LIFE over 2 decades ago.
  • And there are deer whistles, cheap imitations that have surfaced over time, some selling for as low as .99 cents!

The results as far as protection is concerned, would certainly not be the same! So when you look for a deer-vehicle crash avoidance solution, ask for the Sav-A-Life Deer Alert, the only tested and trusted deer whistle on the market, used by government agencies, state troopers and the insurance industry! Also look for it at your AAA club!

Our Doze Alert also known as Doze alarm, snooze alarm, or sleep alert is a sleep warning safety device which helps the sleep deprived and those with chronic fatigue stay alert on the roads. Fatigue costs hundreds of lives on our highways each year.
You need a driving companion to let you know when you are about to fall asleep! Doze Alert is worn on the ear like a discreet and lightweight hearing aid! Remember, if you snooze you lose!

Daytime running lights or DRL's are also part of our automotive safety line. A retrofit kit made of a DRL module, the same as the OEM GM DRL will help reduce the incidence of frontal collisions by as much as 38%. SAV-A-LIFE promotes a safer driving experience.

The safety of drivers and passengers is SAV-A-LIFE's mission.
Our automotive safety products make for safer driving!

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